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This time of the year you may start noticing a few extra bugs inside. One of the most common in southern Indiana right now is the odorous house ant. These ants will come in full force, in early spring and in the fall. Usually they are a little bit more active after a weather event such as rain or if an unusually cool evening. You may notice these in windowsills on kitchen counters and door jams by patio doors. Yikes Pest Control has dealt with odorous house ants since since they opened their doors. We use a combination of baits and residual to eliminate activity and prevent future activity. A single colony of odorous house ants can have several thousands of ants, which is why many home remedies fail to control the population. They also leave a Pheromone Trail when they find food to alert others where to find the food source. Usually odorous house ants have several satellite colonies which move every time it rains, or on average every 28 days. When they move, they'll pick up on older pheromone trails and go back to places they were before. If you are noticing odorous house ants in your house or landscaping, please give us a call. At 812-604-7206 Yikes Pest Control serves Posey County. Vanderburgh County. Newburgh.

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