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Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs. This is the time of year brown Marmorated stinkbugs try to enter your home. They are an invasive species which have been in the Evansville area for over a decade. In the fall and early spring you will notice swarms on the outside of your house. Usually in late fall they will try to overwinter and trees. However, they may accidentally mistake cracks in the sill of your windows or doors for a nice place to overwinter. When this happens they will come out on warm winter days. They May come inside your house due to the warmer weather inside. However, They cannot complete their lifecycle indoors. This doesn't stop them from being a nuisance. To help control these pests Exclusion is your best option, along with a regular pest control service. Your pest control technician will treat eaves around windows and possible entry points with a liquid and a dust to help control them as they try to enter. However, this will not completely eliminate the problem. The treatment needs to be coupled with proper exclusion techniques. Early fall or late summer would be a good time for you to check your window sills, door sills, chimneys, and utilities to make sure that there are no possible entry points for them to overwinter inside of your house. Once they're in they lay eggs and There is no chemical treatment that can prevent these eggs from hatching. So the next spring or fall you will most likely see them again even if you are proactive at this point. Yikes, pest control has been dealing with Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs, since they opened their doors. Your Yikes pest control technician will identify possible entry points. And treat them to help prevent future activity. If you have any questions that you think Yikes Pest control can help with. For any issues. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 812-604-7206. You can call or text anytime.

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