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Termite Control


Yikes Pest Control
How are termites treated in Evansville, Indiana?

Good news, you don't have to live with termites. Yikes Pest Control termite baiting system works in three ways:

1) We drill small holes into the ground where we place active bait stations that lure and kill termites in their natural habitat;

2) We monitor the active and passive baits annually to ensure they are

working properly. If so, great, if not, we replace them with fresh ones.

3) If activity is found, we re-treat the area and add additional bait to ensure complete elimination of the colony. By engaging in proactive prevention services for termites, you can feel confident knowing your home is protected.

These termite baiting systems are not only environmentally friendly but also provide a degree of termite protection that you won't find with any other service.

By using these three systems together you get maximum termite protection . Since the Termite Prep technicians perform regular inspections, you are likely to get rid of termites before they cause serious damage. When picking a pest control company, call Yikes Pest Control.

How to tell if termites are active in your house.

Termites are known to be the most destructive insect pest of wood, because these insects can destroy your home. If you see active termites or swarmers around your house, then that's a clear indication that there are most likely active termites present in your house. But how do you know if the termites are still active?


Learn the signs of termite activity in Evansville…

Termites feed on wood and other cellulose materials. So, whatever material is present in your house, be it wood or paper or furniture, termites can attack these materials and feed on them.


This is the reason why you can hardly locate where they are feeding as termites eat away from their feeding place too! They just leave a thin layer of timber to give an impression that the timber is intact.




1) Foundation issues:

The first sign of termite activity in your house is an uneven foundation as the wooden structure present in your house may have been attacked by these termites from underneath and may lead to a wavy foundation structure.

If you have noticed these signs, then it is time for you to take action against these termites. But if you find the problem too late, then it may lead to big cracks or major foundation damage. The best way to know about this is by hiring a professional Pest Control Company!


2) : Damaged cellulose material

Termites are generally known to feed on wood, but did you know that they can feed on any cellulose material? This is one of the signs of termite activity. If you see some holes or tunnels in your books or furniture, then it's a clear indication that these insects have probably eaten away the wood from inside.

3) Mud tubes:

If you notice mud tubes on your wall or wood, then it is also a sign of termite activity. These are nothing but "tunnels" created by these insects to reach the surface in order to get their food and water. This tunneling can cause severe damage to your house structure if not controlled immediately.

Unfortunately, they are often found in crawlspaces, garages, in between window sills, and doorframes. It's important to get rid of them as soon as possible if you do not want them to damage your house structure.

The best way is to hire a professional Pest Control Company for this job!


4) Swarmers:

If there are active termites in your house, then you might observe swarmers around the house. Swarmers are nothing but adult termites, which come out of their existing colonies in summer for mating purpose.

If they find the right material to feed on (wood) near your house, then they can create a new colony there. They generally fly during the peak hours of dusk.

The best way to confirm this is by hiring a professional Pest Management Company in Evansville who will help you!

If you see some tiny black wings all over your house, then it's a clear indication that there are swarmers around your place. But these swarmers can also be found even if the termite activity is not seen. looking for pest control in Evansville? Call or text Yikes Pest Control.

Termite Control

What is the difference between termites and ants?

We hear these questions frequently, especially during the spring and summer months. While there are several physical differences that can help you to distinguish one from another, there is no simple answer that always works. Sometimes the best way to tell which of our small insect friends you have at your property is through their behaviors.

Before we begin, let's clear up the most common misconception: termites and ants are not insects. Insects have three body parts, six legs (some with wings) and antennae. Termites and ants share many characteristics with the rest of the insect world, but they also possess some key differences that give them their own place in the taxonomic order: Hymenoptera .

This order is divided into sawflies, wasps, bees and ants.


* lack a waist (constantly hold their abdomen at a right angle to the rest of their body),

* have straight antennae that are extremely long and stick-like or "elbowed", * molt without wings, * eat wood


* have a waist (abdomen is tucked under the thorax), * have antennae that are bent at an elbow or kinked at the end, * have six legs with two-claws on each foot, * molt with their wings still attached to their body, * eat a variety of foods including meats, sugars and seeds

There are some basic physical features to help you distinguish between the two insects. As mentioned earlier, termites have straight antennae that are extremely long and stick-like or "elbowed". Their abdomen is usually held at a constant right angle from their thorax (the middle body part).

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