Pest Control Solutions for Posey County, Evansville, Newburgh, Princeton, Rockport Indiana and surrounding areas.

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Pest Control Treatment Options

* Homes larger than 2500 square feet may have a higher rate, extra structures on property can be added for an additional charge.

** Homes larger than 180 linear feet will have a higher initial cost.

Pest Control Treatment Options

Our standard service is targeted towards you if you have an occasional issue inside/outside of your home or if you just do not want to have general pest control issues in the future. This is a quarterly service, which means we come out once every 3 months, this service consists of two phases.

During the initial visit we will first do a complete inspection of your home to identify any current pest activity and possible conditions that are conducive to future activity. During this inspection we will also check your attic and crawlspace(if you have one) to ensure that all things are in order. If we find anything that needs to be addressed (such as moisture issues), we will bring it to your attention. Also, during the initial phase we will address any issues that you may have inside of your home, and treat possible entry points to help prevent future pest problems. We will knock down any spider webs or wasp nests that may be on the exterior of your home, as well as apply a residual treatment and granular bait around your home.

The second phase of this service consists of every service after your initial issues are taken care of. During these visits we will not need to get inside of your home unless you have seen any activity since we were out last. During this phase we will remove any spider webbing or wasp nests that may have shown up since our previous visit, we will place a granular bait around the perimeter of your home, and we will use a residual pesticide to help ensure that you do not have any activity before we come out again.

If you have any issues between visits do not hesitate to give us a call or text 24/7 365 and we will address you issue as soon as possible.

Our Top-Tier pest control service option is the first of our all-inclusive options. With this choice we combine general pest control services, mosquito treatments, and mole services all for less than what you would pay for a general pest control service at most places. One monthly cost protects you from just about everything.

This service covers all common household pest issues covered in the Gold Service, but also includes mosquito treatments during the months of March thru October. You will also be protected form mole issues year round with this service.

This is the very best option that we offer. With the All-Inclusive pest control service, we took what the Top-Tier had and included termite control and bed bug protection.

During your first visit your pest control technician will perform our standard home inspection which will also include a termite inspection. We use a top of the line termite baiting system which provides 24/7 protection of your home. Also, if you have current evidence of termite activity it will be addressed using a liquid or foam termiticide to ensure that any activity inside of you home is eliminated. The average cost for this service is listed on the chart, if you live in a home over 2500 square foot send us a message or give us a call for a free estimate.

During the months of March-Oct you will receive a mosquito treatment.

Your lawn will be protected from mole activity.

Bed Bug Control is included in this service. If you currently have a bed bug infestation you will need to have a standard bed bug treatment (which is not included), but if you do not have a bed bug issue on the day of your initial service you will be covered for as long as you are signed up under this plan. What does this mean? If you ever come into contact with bed bugs after you start this service, you will get free bed bug treatments for your home. If you suspect that you have come into contact with these bugs send us a message immediately.

The typical cost for bed bugs is listed above, but this may vary based on the size of your home. Call or text us for a free quote.

With the All-Inclusive plan you can message us 24/7 if you have a pest issue, we will take care of it for you ASAP.

We pride ourselves on being a pest control company you can trust.


$185 Initial then $22 Monthly*

Service performed Quarterly

Each Service is $66

Pest Covered

Ants, Fleas, Spiders(excluding Brown Recluse), Crickets, Wasps, Centipedes, Oriental Roaches, Silverfish + more

Top Tier

$185 Initial then $66 Monthly*

Service performed Monthly

Pest Covered

Ants, Fleas, Spiders (including Brown Recluse), Crickets, Wasps, Centipedes, Oriental Roaches, German Roaches, Silverfish, Mice, Rats, mosquitoes, moles and more

Mosquito Service

$45 per Month

$325 per year If you pay a full year up front 

Service runs from March-October


$185 Initial then $39.50 a Month*

Service performed Bi-Monthly

Each Service is $79

Pest Covered

Ants, Fleas, Spiders (including Brown Recluse), Crickets, Wasps, Centipedes, Oriental Roaches, German Roaches, Silverfish, Mice, Rats and more


$600** Initial then $79 Monthly*

Service performed Monthly

Pest Covered

Ants, Fleas, Spiders, Crickets, Wasps, Centipedes, Oriental Roaches, Silverfish, Mice, Rats, Termites, Mosquitoes, moles, Bed Bugs(preventative) and more

Bed Bugs



Call or text for a quote

Our Gold Service is targeted towards homes that have a current pest issue that need to be addressed, or towards homes that want a little extra protection. This service covers all the same common pests that our Standard Service covers, but also includes other pests such as Brown Recluse spiders, mice, carpenter ants, rats, fleas, ticks, or German cockroaches. We can give you a customized plan to make sure all your concerns are addressed.

The main difference between the Gold Service and the Standard Service is that the Gold service is bi-monthly (every other month) and the Standard Service is a quarterly plan. The Gold service also includes scheduled interior treatments to address an active pest problem if necessary. Gold service pest control cost is listed on the chart above, if you have a home over 2500 square foot give us a text or call for free estimates.

With the Gold Service Plan you have 24/7 service 365 days out of the year. You can call or text us anytime and we will get back with you as soon as possible.


One-Time treatments

We also offer one time Pest Control single treatment options. This service will consist of the Initial phase listed in the Standard Service. Depending on the activity you have seen we offer a 60 day guarantee on most one-time services. Control cost for these services vary so call today for a price on a custom treatment plan.

Common Pests in Southern Indiana


One of the most common pests that we deal with near Evansville at Yikes Pest control are ants. Of all the ants there are two types that we see the most. These are Odorous house ants and Carpenter ants.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large black ants that live in colonies. When we see carpenter ants it is usually because they have established a colony inside of a piece of wood such as an old deck, dead tree or rotted fence post. Carpenter ants are about 1/2 inch long and they will eat an amount of food that is equal to their body weight daily. Carpenter ants can chew through soft woods like pine or cedar very easily.

Odorous House Ants

The second type of ant that we deal with quite often is the Odorous House Ant. Odorous house ants get their name from the fact that when they are disturbed they release a smell that is reminiscent of rotten coconut. Odorous house ants are very small ants, only about 1/16 inch long. They live in colonies that can have up to 100,000 ants in them. These are the most common ant found inside of homes in Evansville


There are several types of spiders located in southern Indiana, way too many to list here. The top 3 that you need to worry about are Brown Recluse, yellow Sac Spiders, and black widows. No doubt you have heard of two of those, but maybe the third surprises you. Check out our post that goes into more detail about these pests HERE. Every service covers black widows, and all spider except for Yellow sac spiders and Brown recluse. Get rid of these two types of spiders you will need the Gold Service or one of the All-Inclusive services.

Mice Vs Rats

These pests can make it very difficult to relax in your home. Every service from Gold on covers rodents.


Gold service, Top-Tier Service, and the All-Inclusive service all cover flea treatments. If you are having an active flea infestation you will need to be out of your home for a period of time after the service is completed. Call or text us today to find out more about our flea treatments.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

By this time, we all know what brown marmorated stink bugs are and how bad they get in the early fall. Every service we offer will help control the numbers of stink bugs that find their way into your home. These pests really become an issue when they try to overwinter in your walls or find a way into your home on a warm day in January or February.


There are several types of roaches found in the Evansville area. Depending on what type you have will determine the pest treatment option that we choose. The most common roach people think of when they think of a roach infestation is the German Cockroach. This pest will require a Gold treatment, Top-Tier, or the All-Inclusive option.


Mosquitoes are generally in a treatment class of their own. you can have a stand alone mosquito plan, or sign up for Top-Tier or All-Inclusive which both include mosquito coverage.

Lady Bugs vs Ladybird beetles

Most people don't think of lady bug infestations as a bad thing, but are you sure what you are seeing are lady bugs and not invasive ladybird beetles. For more information on these pests check out this link. You can expect to see ladybird beetles in the fall(usually right after stink bug season). If you are tired of dealing with these unwanted guests sign up for any recurring plan.