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Don’t Let Termites Take a Bite Out of Your Evansville, Indiana Home!

The last thing you want to discover in your Evansville, Indiana home is an infestation of termites. These creatures can cause serious damage if left unchecked and can be difficult to spot. To prevent this problem, it’s important to know the four signs of termite activity. Keep reading to find out what these signs are and how you can protect your home from being eaten away by these pesky pests!

Mud tubes— also known as shelter tubes— are a telltale sign of termite activity. Termites build these tubes made out of soil particles, wood fragments, and saliva in order to travel from their underground colonies to the wooden parts of your home. Look for mud tubes near windowsills, door frames, baseboards, or other places where there is wood present. If you see any suspicious-looking tunnels, call for professional help immediately!

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Termite damage, Evansville Indiana

Damage to Wood Surfaces

Termites feed on wood and will leave behind noticeable signs that they have been around. If you notice small holes in your walls or floors, or if you come across broken pieces of wood that look like they’ve been chewed through, that could be the work of termites. Pay special attention to any crevices in your home that may be hiding these unwanted guests.

Presence of Swarmers

Swarmers are winged adult termites that fly around looking for new places to start colonies. They usually appear after heavy rains or during the springtime and may show up at windowsills or light fixtures as they search for a place to settle down and reproduce. Luckily, swarmers don't cause much damage on their own; however, they do indicate that there is a colony nearby that needs to be taken care of right away!

Discarded Wings   After mating, swarmers discard their wings which can accumulate near doors or windowsills as evidence of their presence in your home. These wings are very thin with jagged edges and may be mistaken for pieces of paper at first glance. If you notice any discarded wings near window sills or door frames then it’s time to call pest control experts as soon as possible!


       Termites are sneaky and can wreak havoc on a home before you even realize what's going on. By knowing these four signs of termite activity–mud tubes, damage to wood surfaces, presence of swarmers, and discarded wings–you can catch them before they become an even bigger problem! So keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and if you see anything concerning don’t hesitate—call Yikes Pest Control today and schedule an inspection!

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