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How and Why Ants Choose to Enter Your Evansville Home

Ants are tiny creatures, but they can cause big problems. If you've ever had ants invade your home, then you know just how annoying they can be. But have you ever wondered why ants choose to enter your home in the first place? Keep reading to find out—and to learn what you can do to prevent them from coming in again.

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There are three main reasons why ants choose to enter homes: for food, for shelter, or because they're looking for a new place to establish their colony. Let's take a closer look at each of these reasons.

Food: One of the most common reasons ants invade homes is because they're looking for food. If there's even a small crumb left out on your countertop, an ant might find it and decide to bring its friends along to see if there's anything else good to eat. Once ants find food in your home, they'll keep coming back for more—which is why it's so important to keep your kitchen clean.

Shelter: Believe it or not, ants need shelter just like we do. When it starts to rain or gets too hot outside, ants will look for a place to take refuge—and sometimes, that place is inside your home. Unfortunately, once ants have found shelter in your home, they often don't want to leave!

New Colony: Finally, some ants enter homes because they're looking for a new place to start their colony. If an ant finds a nice, dark corner in your basement or garage, it might decide that it's the perfect spot to build its nest. Once the colony is established, even more ants will start moving in—which is sure not something you want happening in your home.

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Now that you know why ants choose to enter homes, what can you do to prevent them from coming in? The best way to keep ants out is by keeping your house clean—especially your kitchen. Be sure to wipe up any spills right away and put food away in sealed containers. You should also make sure there are no cracks or holes anywhere in your foundation or exterior walls, vegetation is trimmed away from your home, mulch is kept to a reasonable depth, and moister is drained away from your foundation. Even after doing all of this you may still have an issue with ants just due to where you live. They leave a pheromone telling future generations there is food or shelter nearby, so even after you get rid of them, they may try to come back from time to time (especially in the spring) If you find that you already have an ant problem and you live in or around Evansville, Indiana, call Yikes Pest Control right away. We're a veteran-owned business with years of experience dealing with all sorts of pests—including ants! We'll help you get rid of your ant problem before it gets any worse.

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