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Top nine ways to tell if my Posey County, Indiana property has termites

Posey County, Indiana termites

Termites are small, dark-colored insects that can cause a lot of damage to homes and other structures. They are the reproductive members of the colony and swarmers are produced when they reach sexual maturity. Swarmers are attracted to light and will often be seen flying around windows or doors.

Top ways to tell if your Posey County house has termites

1. Look for swarmers around windows and doors.

2. Check for mud tubes on the exterior of your home.

3. Inspect the foundation of your home for signs of damage.

4. Look for damaged wood, particularly near the foundation of your home.

5. Check for "soft" wood

6. Check for water damage or signs of moisture in your home.

7. Inspect the crawlspace and anywhere that wood comes into contact with the ground

8. Identify wood that is soft and chewed up, especially near the foundation of your home.

9. Notice any piles of wings around windows and doors.

If you suspect you have termite damage, it is important to call a professional pest control company like Yikes Pest Control. We can inspect your home for termites and provide treatment if necessary.

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