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Pest Control in Newburgh (Warrick County)

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What is the cost for an exterminator in Newburgh?

  Unlike most other pest control companies, we are not afraid to provide the cost of our service up front.  There are circumstances that may change these prices slightly.  We will not raise our price just to match the industry standard.  We do provide a safe and effective way to eliminate or take care of all your pest control issues at the right price.  Usually, the initial or first treatment is anywhere between $130-$155 for a general pest control service.  From there each ongoing preventative service will usually be just $65 for most homes.  Mosquito treatments start at only $35 for each monthly service for a typical yard. If you are seeing Bed Bugs or think you may have come into contact the bed bugs we charge $800 to treat most homes. If you want to prevent bed bug activity, we have a bed bug preventative service that would be just $250 every six months.

Is pest control needed in Newburgh?

Due to the climate in southern Indiana, there are a large amount of pests, bugs, rodents that want to make your home theirs too. To help combat this on ongoing general pest control treatment plan will not only keep a barrier around your home, but also help identify problems before they become infestations.  We will identify conducive conditions for activity and either correct them or advise you on how to address them.

How do I sign up for pest control service in Newburgh? 

You can get ahold of us by either filling out the “contact us” section on our homepage, sending us an email at, messaging us on our Facebook Page, texting us at 812-604-7206, or calling us at 812-604-7206. We will provide a hassle free and pressure free quote.

What time of year should I start a Pest Control Treatment plan in Newburgh, Indiana? 

This depends on what type of issue you currently have, or if you are just wanting to prevent any issues.  In most cases anytime of the year is a good time to start a service.  If you are expecting a rodent issue, ants, or stink bugs  you would be better off if you started in early fall or late summer.  Mosquito treatments run from March through October.

How often should I have my house treated for pests in Newburgh? 

In order to keep a barrier down along the perimeter of your home, it is recommended that you have your home treated every 2-3 months for general pests.

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