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Mosquito Haubstadt, Indiana

What is the average price for a pest control service in Haubstadt, Indiana? This is the first thing that most people ask when making a choice for what pest control company to use.  While we believe that price should not dictate which company you finally decide to go with, we also are not afraid to be upfront about what we charge.  Our mosquito treatments are done monthly and start at just $35 per service for most yards.  Our general Pest Control service is between $130-$155 for most initial or first time services, then the quarterly or bi-monthly service is between $65-$75 thereafter. If you want to protect your home from bed bugs, we have a bed bug preventative plan that is $250 semi annually for an average size home. If you suspect you have come into contact with Bed Bugs we offer a bed bug elimination service which varies, but starts at $600.

How long does it take to get rid of my pest issue in Haubstadt, Indiana?  This depends on the type of issue, and how long you have seen activity.  Usually you will notice a difference pretty quickly, but our goal is for long term pest relief. 

What time of year should I start a pest control service in Southern Indiana? You can get started anytime.  If you are having an issue with a seasonal pest or occasional invader (Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs) you would have better results if you get started prior to the season when they are most active.  And keep in mind that even with a treatment plan you may need non chemical pest prevention actions as well to help limit the number of pests you see inside your home. 

Are these services guaranteed to be effective? YES* If you have any issues between treatments, we will come out free of charge and take care of your pest issue.  As stated above there may be times when additional actions are needed to help keep your issues under control.  Examples of this are if we find standing water in or around your home, exclusion issues, heavy vegetation along your home, and other site specific issues.  Do not worry, we will let you know if there are any issues that need to be addressed. 

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