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Evansville Mosquito Service

Yikes Pest Control offers mosquito treatments for Evansville and all of the surrounding areas.

Check out our services page for more information and pricing.

Mosquito Service Evansville Indianan

Mosquito Service in Evansville

If you've lived in Evansville, Newburgh, Posey County, or anywhere else in southern Indiana for a while, you understand why mosquito control is so important. We provide pest services that are both safe and effective.

Mosquitoes are disliked by everyone.

Mosquitoes are irritating, itchy, and unsightly to deal with for any length of time. However, in the summer months in Evansville, mosquitoes may become more aggravating due to their capacity to spread deadly illnesses like West Nile Virus or Zika virus. We can significantly cut down on mosquito populations around your home by treating the sites where they hatch.

Yikes Pest Control can assist you in reducing mosquito populations near your home, which will help you avoid getting a mosquito bite and potentially contracting deadly diseases. We provide a variety of pricing options to fit any budget or need in the state of Indiana. Call now for more information!

We provide a monthly mosquito program that is certain to make your backyard more enjoyable.

If you've had enough of mosquito bites in Evansville, talk to us about our Mosquito-Prevention Procedures.

When should you treat for mosquitoes in Southern Indiana? Our service begins in March and lasts until October, depending on the weather. We're one of the most dependable pest control companies around!

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