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Why do mosquitoes choose your Evansville Indiana backyard over others?

You’ve noticed it in your own backyard—the mosquitoes seem to flock to certain areas more than others. You might be wondering why only certain parts of your yard are attractive to these pesky pests. It turns out, there are a few factors that contribute to how much mosquito activity you see in your yard. Let’s take a closer look.

Mosquito Breeding Habits & Preferences

The first factor is the type of mosquito living in your area. There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes found around the world, and different species prefer different habitats for breeding. In Indiana, for example, the most common types of mosquitoes include the Asian Tiger Mosquito, culex (the House Mosquito), and the Salt Marsh Mosquito. Each type prefers its own particular environment based on temperature, moisture levels, and vegetation cover.

Another factor is the presence (or lack thereof) of standing water in your yard or neighborhood. All mosquitoes need standing water to complete their life cycle, so if there’s even a tiny puddle of water nearby—like in an old tire or a birdbath—that can become a breeding ground for mosquitos. Even if there isn’t standing water in your yard itself, you may still see plenty of mosquito activity if there’s standing water nearby. If this is the case, removing any sources of standing water can help reduce mosquito numbers significantly in your yard as well as neighboring properties.

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Finally, certain people may be more attractive to mosquitoes than others due to body chemistry or other factors such as clothing color—although research on this topic is ongoing. So even if you don’t have any sources of standing water near you and all other conditions remain equal between two yards with different amounts of mosquito activity; one person could still enjoy their backyard more than another due to individual differences like these!

Yikes Pest Control located in Southern Indiana

At Yikes Pest Control we understand how frustrating it can be when mosquitoes take over your outdoor space! That’s why we offer comprehensive services designed specifically to reduce mosquito activity and let you enjoy time outside again without having to worry about being bitten by these pests! Reach out today for more information on how we can help make sure you get back out into your outdoor spaces without worrying about those dreaded Mosquitoes!

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